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The Secrets of Great Marketing –
What You Need To Know For Your Business

training course run in conjunction with
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce.

This seminar explains the fundamental principles of marketing which no company should be without. It covers all the key aspects from deciding on an appropriate target audience to establishing a brand and making sure the infrastructure is in place to take advantage of marketing opportunities. This is a practical seminar with the aim of attendees returning to the workplace with a clear idea of how marketing principles can be applied in their company.

Who will benefit;

  • Staff new to marketing or who need a refresher.
  • Companies who have identified that they need to use marketing to develop growth in their company.
  • Colleagues in departments who work with marketing staff to ensure a better cross-company understanding of the discipline.

The day will cover;

  1. The role marketing can play in your business.
  2. Target Audiences – creating the right focus for your business by identifying who your potential customers are and how to find them.
  3. Buyer Processes – how to identify the most effective way for you to sell to your potential customers.
  4. Choosing the right media – how to choose the type of advertising and communication you need and whether you should use Yellow Pages, yell.com, online advertising, newspapers, leaflets etc.
  5. Keeping the customer satisfied – how to keep your existing customers and get more sales from them.
  6. How to produce great marketing materials and avoid disasters.
  7. Measuring Effectiveness – marketing is measurable. Here's how to do it.
  8. Marketing planning – pulling it all together into something usable and relevant.
  9. Infrastructure requirements – what your company needs to have in place to deliver great marketing.

The seminar will draw heavily on case studies and the attendees' individual company circumstances to identify best practises.

Available Dates & Cost

Please email Jon Barnes at South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce to check availability and prices. Alternatively, you can write, ring or fax your queries to;

South Cheshire Chamber Logo and link to website

South Cheshire Chamber
Enterprise House
Wistaston Road Business Centre
Wistaston Road
Tel: 01270 504700 or Fax: 01270 504701

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