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Elevation Marketing & Consultancy´s core proposition is;

‘helping you apply the basic principles of marketing to your business.’

Our aim is to assist smaller companies to identify the most effective forms of marketing for their business and then work with them to deliver that marketing.

You know your product and market. We know about marketing. Together we can identify how to use marketing most effectively to grow your business.

We can do a number of things to help you;

Guiding the way
Working with you to identify what kind of marketing is best for your business and budget.

Identifying your audience
Help you identify what customers to target and the messages to use to appeal to them.

Ever been in the situation where you need the words for your web site, leaflets or regular news-letter but not known where to start? Elevation Marketing & Consultancy can write them for you.

Producing your materials
Once you know what kind of marketing suits you best we can help you get it produced and working effectively for you.

Our pricing structure and packages are geared towards smaller companies and we can be used for anything from an hour to several days, depending on what you need.

After an initial discussion we´ll provide a quotation with a specific price, objectives and timescales. That way you know exactly what you´ll get and can budget without the fear of hidden charges.

Call us today so Elevation Marketing & Consultancy can elevate your business
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