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The right solution for your business

Elevation Marketing & Consultancy's services can be used in a number of ways;

Individual advice sessions
These can be arranged for anything from an hour to a full day. We'll look at what you want to do with your business and the marketing needed to get there. You'll then know exactly what you need to do to grow. This is ideal for small businesses or start-ups with limited budgets who need some assistance in knowing what to do.

Specific projects
If you want, for example, an email newsletter setting up or the text for your website writing then this is ideal for you. we'll have an initial discussion to establish exactly what you want followed by a fixed price quote and then we'll deliver it. This is designed for companies who know what they want but need someone with the skills, experience and time to do it for them.

Marketing planning
Sometimes you need to spend a bit of time getting the strategy for your company right. Marketing planning is the answer. This will help establish both your future direction and what you need to do to get there, together with the budget needed, how long it will take and the resources required. Producing a Marketing Plan is a longer piece of work requiring research and detailed planning so is better suited to companies who have ambitious growth plans.

Ongoing support
This is like having your own marketing team but without the expense. We'll proactively manage all your marketing activities for you, leaving you free to get on with running your business and selling to customers. This is a completely flexible service giving you the support you need but at a fraction of the cost of employing your own staff – and with a quality of marketing experience usually only available to the largest of companies.

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