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Welcome to the first edition of The Elevator, a regular newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments in marketing for small businesses. Each edition will provide snippets of information on a variety of topics, top tips on how to improve your marketing and an in-depth analysis of a key issue for marketing.

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Are you legal, decent honest and truthful?

If not, the Advertising Standards Authority will be after you. With the recent publication of their 2007 report, we've provided a timely reminder of the main rules to follow if you do any form of advertising or promotion at all. Even if all you have is an advert in Yellow Pages, you're not immune as they regularly order sole traders and small companies to completely change what they do.

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How 'friendly' is your website?

If not, you might want to think about it. According to New Media Age, (21 February 2008), an "accessibility framework" is to be published by the British Standards Institute, meaning that brands will have to ensure their websites are accessible to visitors with all forms of impairment, or face legal action.

Top Tip
Contacting existing customers to generate sales is an excellent way of helping to build your business. However, it's often hindered by the lack of a database or, in other words, a decent, up-to-date, usable list of your customers. You don't need anything complex or expensive. An Excel spreadsheet is sufficient, although products like Act! or Salesforce will help you do even more.

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The most effective forms of advertising

According to a report in New Media Age (13 March 2008), consumers are more likely to visit a website and "seriously consider a purchase" if they have received a marketing email rather than any other type of advertising media. Emails were 50% more likely than average to encourage consumers to go to a website and buy something, while newspaper and television ads were just 34% more likely. Sponsored web links came in at only 8% with social networks at 26%.

However, word of mouth can be "five times more effective at driving sales than advertising", according to a report in PR Week (25 January 2008). Brits are apparently five times more likely to try a product if it has been recommended by someone else, but we're a miserable lot compared to the Spanish who are 8.9 times more likely to buy something that a friend has recommended.

Coke's best advertising

Do you know which marketing campaign Coca-Cola's Chief Executive thinks was their most effective in recent years? It was two mad students in lab coats who made a soda fountain out of minty sweets and a bottle of Coke, filmed it and put it on youtube. The subsequent publicity and viral effect it created generated more positive coverage amongst Coke's key target audiences than any of its multi-million dollar campaigns or sponsorship.

It just goes to show that you don't need big budgets to promote your company, a bit of initiative can work wonders.
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